Vitor Zerbinato's Winter 2023 honors some of the Movie Villains. Empowered women who are not afraid to show strength, power and exuberance. Actresses with their iconic characters served of inspiration for the development of the collection:
- Merry Streep, brought the character Miranda to life Priestly in O Diabo Veste Pada;
- Rosamund Pike as Marla Grayson in I Am I care;
- Cruella Devil, played by Glenn Close in 101 Dalmatians;
- Joan Crawford as Faye Dunaway in Dear Mommy;
- Beth Davis as Margo Channing, The Wicked.

Impeccable tailoring, synthetic leather, sexy and exuberant silhouettes. Black, neutral and golden tones mix with greens, pinks and reds.
Vitor Zerbinato F/W 23. For a woman who doesn't want to go unnoticed, and show the world your power.

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