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Vitor Zerbinato is a brand known in the market for its impeccable finish and for making women look beautiful, modern and elegant.
Its work with brides has grown by offering options for dresses that are far from the obvious, giving brides the prominent position they so desire and deserve.
In addition to the custom-made bridal option, it is possible to order any type of exclusive piece!

Schedule your appointment with the stylist via email contato@vitorzerbinato.com.br.
Important informations:

  • Our stylist will conduct an interview with you to understand what you are looking for, presenting the available materials and finishes.
  • Within a period of up to 7 working days, a budget for the part will be presented for approval or adaptation.
  • During the manufacturing period, up to 4 product tests will be carried out so that the necessary adjustments to the execution and delivery of the product are carried out.

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